Projects I've worked on

I've worked on a bunch of stuff but here are the few I can share:

Laravel up and Running (Second Edition) by Matt Stauffer

Laravel up and Running (Second Edition) by Matt Stauffer

In 2018 I worked with Matt as his assistant researcher for the second edition of his Laravel book called "Laravel Up & Running".

My work included digging through the Laravel changelogs and finding any breaking changes since the 1st edition was released, making sure all code examples worked in the latest version of Laravel, updating any code examples with the most modern syntax and lastly, point out to Matt any new features worth adding in the book.

The second edition will be released in late 2018 so if you want to get your hand on it make sure to visit the Laravel Up & Running Micro Site.

Tech Jobs - Costa Rica

Tech Jobs - Costa Rica is a job website dedicated exclusively to job opportunities in the technology area for people living in Costa Rica.

The website is built with Laravel 5.7 and Tailwind which is a Utility First CSS framework.


BeastMeApp is a crossfit mangement service used by some of the most important Crossfit centers in Costa Rica.

Built with a Laravel and Vue.js stack, it offers a beautiful and intuitive UI to manage competitions, divisions, events, competitors and their scores. As well, it manages the creation of heats for each event.

At the end of the competition, competitors can visit a leaderboard table from their laptop or mobile and see their positions as well as the scores for each event they participated in.